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XOA Soft Note 056-1 - OXSAS log files treatment, Study


With OXSAS 1.x introduction, a new way to study the software or user behaviour is introduced. OXSAS includes a comprehensive Event Logger that generates different log files keeping track of all OXSAS activities like user actions (starting a manual analysis for instance), internal automatic actions (deleting old log files after the defined period for instance), etc.

This will highly increase the FSR job value on customer site by giving him much more possibilities to find errors or simply understand what a customer did in a defined circumstance.

The OXSAS log files are *.txt files stored in the “\log” sub-folder of <OXSAS_DATA> path (“C:\Thermo\OXSAS_DATA” if installed with the defaults).

To make their study easy, they can be imported in Excel where the use Auto-filters or advanced search features will greatly help to track specific events.


All ARL XRF instruments operated with OXSAS

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