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XOA Soft Note 067-2 - OXSAS SQL Server version upgrade


All XRF instruments delivered with OXSAS 1.0 were operated with SQL database Server engine MSDE. That server version is obsolete and will soon no more be supported by OXSAS, so it needs to be upgraded ASAP to the SQL 2005 Express Server version.

Furthermore, it is important to know for field support activities that a “MSDE” server database backup can be restored on a “SQL 2005” server but it is not possible to restore a “SQL 2005” database backup on a “MSDE” server.

This SQL server version update will also impact the Field Support for persons having to support both OXSAS and WinDPI. As the WinDPI translation software is only operating on MSDE servers, it will not be possible to support OXSAS and WinDPI translations on same computer (see details in “Technical Description” section).


All ARL XRF instruments computers originally delivered with OXSAS 1.0

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