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XOA Soft Note 075-11 - WinOE/XRF migration to OXSAS


Since OXSAS release 1.2 in December 2008, WinOE/XRF databases in version 1.2 and higher of supported instruments can be migrated to OXSAS.

Migrating WinOE/XRF data to OXSAS is not a simple task as OXSAS is not an evolution of WinOE/XRF but totally new and different software. Migration consist of transferring some of the configuration data from WinOE/XRF to a new OXSAS database.

Because the software is different, the database structures are different, and not all data can be transferred.  Details on what is and what is not transferable are given in manual AA83724-03 (User Guide – Migrate WinOE/XRF to OXSAS).

THe goal of this note is to clarify the tasks that should be done prior to and during data transfer on the customer site to avoid delays and frustrations, and ensuring a smooth migration process.


All ARL instruments schedueld for a migration from WinOE/XRF to OXSAS