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OXSAS Version 2.x Update


OXSAS_2.7.1 can now be downloaded here:

OXSAS installer will take care to update the SQL server (if needed), DO NOT INSTALL SQL SERVER MANUALLY.

For those having SQL server 2012 already installed, OXSAS_2.7.1 without SQL installer can now be downloaded here:

Do not use this link to update OXSAS from version 2.3 or older versions (please use the previous link instead).

Setup_Oxsas_2.7.x.yyyy.exe contains only OXSAS software installer (slightly faster to download - it does not contains SQL server)

Abbreviated procedure:

  1. Download the executable file by clicking on OXSAS_Update_2.m.s.b.exe" file in the right frame (attachments list).
  2. Run the file on the OXSAS computer and follow on-screen instructions. This will remove the previous version and install the new (update) OXSAS version.
  3. Start OXSAS. If prompted for updating the databases version, click "Yes" button. Repeat the same for the other databases (ANALYSES, ARCHIVES, LngMgtOXSAS).


  • You must be logged with Computer Administrator level in Windows to perform the OXSAS version update.

  • The update of the databases (if required) will take several minutes.DO NOT INTERRUPT THAT PROCESS.

  • Warning: if the installed version is below 2.1.1a, the new update kit may ask you to reboot sometime in the update process.

  • DO NOT REBOOT when prompted for; simply let the update kit run to the end (“Finish” button) then reboot.

  • Alternatively, you may uninstall OXSAS from the Control Panel before installing the update.


  • OXSAS version 2.x (this update can be uploaded on existing OXSAS version 2.m.s only)
  • Windows 10 is supported since OXSAS 2.5.1
  • SQL server 2012 is supported since OXSAS 2.4.1
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