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OXSAS Version 1.x Update


The attached documents are required for the OXSAS Version 1.x update. The abbreviated procedure appears below.

  1. Update your Windows OS with latest Microsoft Hot fixes. If this is not done OXSAS may become unusable after the version update.
  2. Download the executable file by clicking on OXSAS_Update_1.m.s.b.exe" file in the right frame (attachments list).
  3. Execute a first time the file on the OXSAS computer and follow on-screen instructions. This will uninstall the current OXSAS version.
  4. Execute a second time the file on the OXSAS computer and follow on-screen instructions. This will install the new (update) OXSAS version.
  5. Start OXSAS. If prompted for updating the databases version, click "Yes" button. Repeat the same for the other databases (Anapool, Archive, LngMgtOXSAS).


  • You must be logged with Computer Administrator level in Windows to perform the OXSAS version update.
  • The update of the database's (if required) will take several minutes.DO NOT INTERRUPT THAT PROCESS.
  • Starting with OXSAS update version, it is necessary to first update the reporting tool to version Details for this Crystal Report update as well as the update package can be found in the "Crystal Report Business Objects Update" article (in sub-folder "Crystal Report Business Objects" on the left frame).
  • Starting with OXSAS Update version, a new behaviour is introduced: the activation of the automatic mode requires the detection of a protection dongle. Those dongles are required on existing systems having OEM / Automation option as well as on systems having SENTRY speciality. Please contact your local service support if you don't yet received the protection dongle. If update version is installed on OXSAS having “OEM / Automation” option without dongle, it will not be possible to operate in Automatic mode.
  • Starting with OXSAS Update version, it is mandatory to update the SQL server from MSDE (version 8) to SQL Server 2005 EXPRESS (version 9) if not already done. This concerns only XRF instruments originally delivered with an OXSAS version 1.0.s.b as those version were delivered with a MSDE SQL server. The version of SQL server can be seen in Add/Remove Program in control pannel. If the version is still MSDE, please contact your local service organisation for an update of SQL server version.
  • During un-installation / installation of the update kit, you may be asked to reboot several times the computer. This is normal and necessary to un-register some DLLs. As long as you don't see the OXSAS icon on the desktop, reboot and restart the installation kit.


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  • XRF
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