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Thermo Fisher Scientific

310293 - Rev A - Thermo Scientific ARL EQUINOX Series SSRT NIOSH 7500 Sample Holder


ARL EQUINOX X-Ray diffractometers are designed for measuring of crystalline samples (powder, bulk, metals, thin layers, etc...), phase identification, nanoscale structural analysis, non-destructive quality control, as well as for many other applications.

Thermo Fisher Scientific develops and sells many sample holders that can be plugged in Thermo Fisher Scientific diffractometers in order to analyze the samples. The sample holders sometimes consist of moving parts and electronics which are needed for more complex devices to control sample's movement.

All ARL EQUINOX instruments are shipped with a basic non-spinning sample holder suited for powder measurement in reflection mode. This sample holder is necessary for adjustment and alignment and can be used for measurement of samples as well.

This instrument is intended for professionals. The user is advised to read the following instructions and any other additional information supplied by Thermo Fisher Scientific before operating the instrument.