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GCMS Shutdown


How do I shut down my ISQ or TSQ GC/MS?


  • ISQ 7000
  • TSQ 8000
  • TSQ 9000
  • Trace 1300 GC
  • Trace 1310 GC


The steps involved to shut down a GC/MS involve separate actions for the GC, the MS, and for any peripheral devices, like autosamplers or other external devices.

If you experience the need to temporarily shut down your Thermo Fisher GC or GC/MS, you may use the following process (excerpted from the relevant Hardware Manuals).

Trace 1300/1310


ISQ 7000

The procedure below also applies to the TSQ 8000 or TSQ 9000 series, except line item 5, where the power switch is located on the left side of the instrument.




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