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Communication error messages


Error messages on the Integrion Software for Chromeleon version 7.2.10 and Windows 10 PCs:

  1. Device: Pump_ECD and Message: "Maximum of 5 timeout errors to recieve response is reached. Driver will stop auditing this error"
  2. Device: Pump_ECD and Message: "Timeout to read response for comman: U0000 CD data"
  3. Device: Pump_ECD and Message: "Timeout to read response for command: H0007 get single change"


  • Chromeleon 7.2.10
  • Integrion IC System
  • Integrion TC Systems


  1. Un-install CM 7.2.10 and install CM 7.2.5. Windows 10 needs to be accessed on the Internet.
  2. If not, use the Offline install of .NET network 3.5 in Win 10, as this is the long-term service branch followed by Chromeleon 7.2.9 or Chromeleon 7.2.10. 
  3. Follow PSB-ICSP-1084 - Device Disconnection Solution.pdf
  4. Ensure the laptop power settings are as described in the factory communication PSW-ICSP-1084 references.
  5. Use a powered USB 2.0 hub.
  6. Set the sequence update visible views for MS Data to on-demand.
  7. Open Run, type msconfig, and click OK (or press ENTER), refer to Figure 1. 


Figure 1: Open: msconfig

  1. Choose the Boot tab and open Advanced options...:
  2. Uncheck the smart parameters in the script editor and change the number of processors from 1 to 3 as shown in Figure 2. 


Figure 2: BOOT Advance options

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