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Rev 3.0 - Vanquish HPLC, UHPLC Systems Pre-installation Requirements Guide


This Vanquish HPLC and UHPLC Systems Pre-installation Requirements Guide is designed to provide you with information to plan and prepare your lab site prior to delivery and installation of your system. Please read each chapter carefully to be sure that your laboratory is ready for the installation of your system.

This Pre-installation Requirements Guide includes information about the:

  • Vanquish System Base with Solvent Rack,
  • Vanquish Pumps,
  • Vanquish Autosamplers,
  • Vanquish Column Compartments,
  • Vanquish Detectors, including specific information about the Vanquish Charged Aerosol Detector, and
  • The Vanquish Neo UHPLC System.


Vanquish Systems

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