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Red Door Lock Indicator on the Qtegra Dashboard


The Door Lock indicator on the Dashboard of Qtegra is red.


  • iCAP Q
  • iCAP RQ
  • iCAP TQ
  • ECCN: EAR99


The Interlocks pane on the dashboard of Qtegra displays possible errors at main components of the instrument. The Door Lock indicator is red if the plasma door of the instrument is not firmly shut.  

Reset the Door Lock interlock
  1. Make sure that the plasma door is closed and firmly secured.
  2. If required, open and close the door again. Interface Temperature Not OK The Interface Temperature Error indicator is red if the temperature of the interface exceeds 50 °C or has not been below 40 °C after exceeding 50 °C.
  3. The interlock may also be open when the temperature sensor is not connected or damaged.
Reset the Interface Temperature Interlock
  1. Check the interlocks Low Water Flow and Water Valve Closed.
  2. In case of failure of one of the above, proceed with “Low Water Flow” and “Water Valve Closed.” 

Note: Low Water Flow The Low Water Flow indicator is red if the cooling water flow is below a specified threshold. 

Reset the Low Water Flow Interlock
  1. Make sure that the water cooling lines are properly connected.
  2. Make sure that the water cooler is switched on/ the in-house water supply meets the cooling water specifications.