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Adding Elements, Molecules, and Ratios to the Data Display in Instrument Control


  • Data Display elements and ratios are no longer present 
  • Would like to add a new element, molecular or ratio to the Data Display


  • iCAP Q
  • iCAP Qnova Series


1) Click on the Analytes tab


2) Click on Elements tab

Elements tab.PNG

3) Select the elements which you would like to add to the Data Display by clicking on the respective element in the periodic table. You can right-click on an element to select a specific isotope

Below is a list of elements to add in respect to monitoring performance according to the elements contained within a standard Tune B solution

 Tune B Analytes.PNG

4) Click on Molecules tab

Molecules tab.PNG

5) Select Ce.O and then select 140Ce.16O by placing a tick in the checkbox next to it. Complete a similar step for Ba++ to add 137Ba++ and Cl.O to add 35Cl.16O. These molecules need to be added in order to monitor the oxide, doubly charged and KED sensitivity factor.

Selecting Molecules.PNG

Select Bkg as well and add Bkg220.7 and Bkg4.5 in order to monitor background masses

Selecting Bkg.PNG

6) Change the dwell time to 0.1s for 137Ba++, CeO, ClO and background masses in order to get a more stable signal

 changing Dwell Times.PNG

7) Click on Formula Table tab and then click on AnalyteFunction button three times to add three rows of formulas

Formula table.PNG

8) Set up the formulas similar to that in the following figure. Having the Operator set to '%' will automatically convert the Oxide and Doubly charged ratio to a percentage



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