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Auto CTF is not working properly


Auto CTF is not working properly


Krios G3i


These are possible resolutions for the issue:

  • Restore default settings


These are possible causes for the issue:

  • Sherpa setting not correct


Auto stigmatism and auto coma of Auto CTF in the Sherpa is not working properly. Issue fixed by restore default settings.

Notes: As this tool has Cs image corrector, so the comma correct function is not available. The coma correction has to be done in the Cs image corrector software. For the non-Cs image corrected systems, Sherpa Auto CTF uses the beam tilt to correct coma .

clipboard_e069ff4dae39a8f8dc85dd14cf7cf48b4.png clipboard_eb69a2a7fcf1119273e780a7a3713e292.png


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