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Bruker Esprit software encounters QMap failed on Quantitative Measurements


Bruker Esprit v. software encounters QMap failed on Quantitative Measurements (under Titan v.3.6.2).


Metrios DX G3


These are possible resolutions for the issue:

  • Upgrade to latest releases of Bruker Esprit v.


These are possible causes for the issue:

  • STEM detector imaging partially showing incomplete, next lead to QMap mess-up quantifying elements and application failure.


Known issue already encountered and found by Hillsboro Metrios Development Team under software version of Titan v.3.6.x:

  • Only possible solution is to upgrade Bruker Esprit to the latest one.
  • Esprit v. released from Titan v.3.7.1.

Document Required:

  • WI-106791 --- Install Esprit Software for Dual-X.

Software Installer can be found:

  • Download Titan v.3.7.1, software release package from TEMSWArchive.
  • And Locate this Bruker Esprit software installer inside Titan***_rel.ISO file.
  • After mounted this ISO file, path: \3rdParty\Bruker\Esprit v2.0\Esprit Install.exe.

Important Reminders:

  • Be reminded that to backup C:\Quantax User\ folder, for those important Libraries of "Cliff-Lorimer Factors" to carried over to new Esprit new version.
  • And backup Esprit -> System: "Detector Data" Configurations.




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