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CETCOR A1 working abnormal


Image corrector A1 tuning didn’t work well


Titan 80-300


These are possible resolutions for the issue:

  • Set image to under-focus before start C1A1 tuning


These are possible causes for the issue:

  • Image was set to over focus


  1. Found beam after replace power supply, but C1A1 tunning was abnormal, A1 tunning didn’t work due to there was no response in FFT.
  2. Restart TemServer- didn’t work
  3. Power cycle- didn’t work
  4. Set all exported elements to zero- didn’t work
  5. With remote video support auto A1 tuning was even worse after we manually finished the A1 tuning.
  6. The root cause was image focus was set to over focus by FSE. After set it to under focus C1A1 working normally.

Note: It’s difficult to confirm the image status with C1 and FFT, C1 always show “–” with both over and under focus. To set image in correct under focus we should turn focus knob counterclockwise. Verify the defocus in UI or confirm FFT while we turn focus knob, if FFT was expanding with focus knob counterclockwise that means image is in under-focus now.


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