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Compustage X-axis unable to move to +999um, when holder is being inserted


Compustage X-axis unable to move to +999um, when Holder is being inserted


Titan ETEM G2


These are possible resolutions for the issue:

  • Replace new Floating_rod + new Holder O-ring.


These are possible causes for the issue:

  • Due to Customer uses Unidentified Custom-made Holders, which may cause damages and wear-outs at the inner tubbing of "Floating_rod".


Several Troubleshooting Actions had been done:

  1. Try to swap both UTP ethernet cables from Left Panel to Right Panel.
  2. Try to swap with other DT-Holder available.
  3. Double check the X and Y-axis Donator clamper leveling.
    • As possible to be parallel with Donator.
  4. Using TEM_UI Stage2 OCX with "Absolute Positioning".
    • Moving stage X and Y-axis individually.
    • Watch TAD – Compustage Info for the voltages.
  5. Using "Jog" Feature in TAD – Compustage Info for the Voltages, too.
  6. Check V-Groove assembly by WI-4022 190 53024 --- adjust V-Groove assembly.
  7. Try to Grease all Compustage gears with Molykote.

All above Troubleshooting, had made confirmed of Compustage to be working correctly.

  • Meanwhile when Compustage without holder being inserted, moving towards +999 ~ –999 range can be reached with no issue.
  • Customer do have their own Custom-made Holders, suspected these Unidentified Holder caused the damages on Floating_rod.

Final Action done, Replace Floating_rod + Sample Holder O-Rings.

  • Advised to use only with Braycote Vacuum Grease P/N: 4022 268 00273.
  • Problem Resolved.




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