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Customer Dongle TrueImage is missing


TrueImage Feature Application of “Automation ExperimentsOCX found missing and unable to work.


Themis Z (3.1)


These are possible resolutions for the issue:

  • Download New Dongle Update File from “BOX – Customer Dongle + Licenses” Folder, and Perform V2C-way Dongle upgrade Procedures. Next Step, is to Re-install TEM Software to Enabling Configurator Checkbox of “TrueImage 5470/10”.


These are possible causes for the issue:

  • TrueImage” is NOT Enabled at Customer Dongle Licenses.


Documents needed:

WI-4022 190 53598 - Customer Dongle and Software Protection

  • Referring to Chapter-6.3 - Updating the Sentinel EMS USB customer dongle.


How to Download Dongle Upgrade File from BOX: 

  • Login to BOX. 
  • Go to “Customer Dongle + Licenses” Folder, then search by serial number (e.g., D3808 or 9930146). 
  • Download the attached V2C file – “D3808 – 9930146 – add 54 70101 – 3aug2020.V2C”.


V2C-way Dongle Upgrade short Procedure: 





  • After Dongle upgrade and confirmed “TrueImage” License had been found OK with “License Reader”. 
  • Next step is to Re-install Full software ISO installer package again to make “Configurator” Checkbox Enabling the “Automation Experiments” Application.



How to perform V2C File to Upgrade Dongle: 

  • Go to Update/Attach Options. 
  • Go to Browse for where you save these V2C Upgrade File, which download from BOX. 
  • Next, Apply File.



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