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Dcor Tilt Tableau the Acquired Image Disappeared


During DCOR Tilt Tableau the Acquired images disappears.


Titan Cubed G2 60-300


These are possible resolutions for the issue:

  • Reinstalled Corrector and System TEM Software.


These are possible causes for the issue:

  • Not Clear, happened after troubleshooting on FEG.


  • FSE troubleshooting FEG during Preventive Maintenace (PM), after PM during the tilt tableau the acquired images disappears but shows all the aberration result in the Tableau Result Window. 
  • In C1A1 tableau all correct and possible to correct C1 an A1. 
  • First checked the basic settings of DCOR, tried to tune the corrector and didn't help. TEM server and PC restarted and didn't help. Complete Power of the system restarted and didn't help. 
  • Reinstalled Corrector and System TEM Software.
    • Checked the basic settings.
    • In tilt tableau works fine (didn't disappeared the acquired images).
    • Tuned C1A1 Tableau and Tilt Tableau.

In the picture below can be seen the acquired images disappeared in the Tilt Tableau (in the red color question mark).



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