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Falcon Shutter did not unblank during acquire.


Shutter did not unblank during acquire


Titan Krios


These are possible resolutions for the issue:

  • re-seat the BSDR


These are possible causes for the issue:

  • BSDR error


Problem happen after K3 return for repairing. Nothing were change in the software setting and hardware connection. No problem with other camera, even with Falcon selected but screen insert. Problem happen once screen retract and acquire. No error in Falcon protect.

After re-seat BSDR, problem solve.

Shutter setting for K3 is different compare to manual. See attach picture. According to FSE. If shutter configuration is changed from "*5V TTL" to "Open/5V", Gun blanker did not open when starting a view. Acquire in DM and TIA did not happen. When reset to "*5V TTL", K3 acquiring is possible. Also Location of Shutter 2 should be "None". It should not be selected "Post-specimen".

clipboard_e72038c74d55950d4b63d854fcea068d0.png  clipboard_e5b8ed9166d7ffc3611162d16d041e947.png

Gun blanker did not open when Falcon acquire.


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