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Monochromator beam has a tail


Monochromator beam has a tail


Titan 80-300


These are possible resolutions for the issue:

  • replace mono-accelerator


These are possible causes for the issue:

  • misalignment inside the mono or between mono wrt Acc


  1. This is G1 monochromator system and the alignment was off center since installation. Mono shift X is around 2 and Y is 6. Not close to 0.
  2. The HT conditioning and extractor conditioning did not fix the issue
  3. Replaced the tip ,issue not fixed.
  4. Followed WI 4022 190 62882 got result = 200mm, it seems that the issue was introduced around mono aperture area
  5. Tried the basic and column alignments, issue not fixed.
  6. Coma deviation exists in the weird beam spot, it could be :
    • misalignment In the lens-set itself (Gun lens wrt to emitter)
    • misalignment of the emitter & lens wrt the mono module
    • misalignment inside the mono
    • misalignment of the mono to acc module
  7. Since realignments did not work and tip was replaced previously, so a new mono-acc was replaced to resolve this issue.clipboard_edaac66428995b99c95358b2e0138dcec.png

clipboard_ed560681453043cf1921adb773ad467f7.png clipboard_e4bb6daf7115879dde8553b563cdad624.png



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