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ODDA board image deflector X in error


ODDA board for image deflector X shows red status LED; Optics board test shows critical error for this board and reports “Board specific interlock active”.


Krios G3i


These are possible resolutions for the issue:

  • Repair connector pin.


These are possible causes for the issue:

  • Connector pin in cable from IPB to optics back panel X32 damaged.


  • Performed TAD tests for image deflector X board, both “no coil” and “with coil” → both tests show “Board interlock is open” and “Global interlock OK”. Conclusion: lens coils/lens cabling is not related. 
  • Swapped ODDA boards for image deflector X and Y → optics board test still shows that image deflector X board has a problem. Conclusion: boards are OK. 
  • Re-seated ODDA image deflector X board and inspect optics back panel connector → no damages on back panel connector, re-seating does not solve the problem. 
  • Re-seat sub-D connectors on the back side of the optics back panel, and inspect connectors on back panel and cable side → found that connector X32 has a damaged pin. X32 carries interlock signals from the IPB to the optics back panel.

After repairing the damaged pin of connector X32, problem was solved.

Optics board test:



TAD test details:



Background information:

Each optics board has two interlock signals connected. One is the “global interlock”, which connects to all optics boards (if the global interlock triggers, all optics boards will go into error state). The other is a board-specific interlock signal (if the board-specific interlock triggers, only one optics board goes into error state).

The global interlock signal and all board-specific interlock signals are generated from the IPB, and connect from IPB connections X11, X12, X13 and X14 to each MBOP (optics back panel)’s connection X32.


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