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Probe Corrector UI is not loading


Probe corrector UI is not loading, Shows Red error message on UI.


Titan 80-300


These are possible resolutions for the issue:

  • Replace 5 V Corrector Power Supply.


These are possible causes for the issue:

  • 5 V Corrector Power Supply defect.


  • In the corrector UI only "Supply" tab shows in red as can be seen in the picture.
  • Measured the voltages in power cabinet supply = all good, except 5 V = 80 mV.
  • The 5 V power supply is defective, or voltage is too low, 
    • If the voltage is lower than 5.4 V, increase it to 5.65 V, see attached pictures.
    • If the voltage cannot be increased, replace the power supply.
  • If the voltage adjusted and still the LED blinking, There might be no connection between microcontroller and PC. 
    • Check the communication cable is properly connected.  
    • Use a different COM port on the corrector PC and restart the microcontroller and PC. If the LED on the microcontroller turns green it means COM1 is defective or not connected properly inside the PC.
  • Micro controller is defective. If the measured voltage and the connection is ok, then the micro controller is most likely defective. The micro controller needs to be replaced.

Note: The is only for Phase 1 Corrector Power Cabinet.


  • 1st picture shows that the power supply is defective, or voltage is too low.
  • 2nd picture shows how to adjust the voltage if the supply is not defective.




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