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Sherpa TEM AutoCTF Features are not functioning


TEM_Server software upgrade to Titan v.2.11.1, the original Standard “TEM AutoCTF” Features are not functioning anymore


Titan Krios


These are possible resolutions for the issue:

  • Upgrade customer Dongle Licenses


These are possible causes for the issue:

  • TEM AutoCTF Features had been migrated to Sherpa; Apparently No Dongle Licensing will not work.


Take Note:

  • TEM_Server software from to Titan v.2.11.1 and further, TEM AutoCTF Features are being migrated to "Sherpa“, Standard TEM AutoCTF No longer working anymore.
  • Work Instructions and Service Bulletin related: SB-2019-014 ; WI-105275 ; WI-PN_300250 ; WI-PN_302165.
  • Normally, when customer had purchased “Standard TEM AutoCTF” Feature Licenses, TEM Factory will provide FREE of Charge upgrade to Sherpa.
  • Dongle upgrade file can be found at BOX.

DAR Analysis:

  • Found Customer Dongle Licenses missing with “TEM AutoCTF FocusStig” and TEM AutoCTF Coma”.
  • These 2-Dongle Licenses are required for Sherpa to work.

Upgraded Customer Dongle Licenses available download from BOX.





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