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TEM UI cannot start without service dongle


TEM UI cannot start without service dongle


Metrios DX G3


These are possible resolutions for the issue:

  • Move internal USB customer dongle to another mainboard USB header


These are possible causes for the issue:

  • Internal USB customer dongle not detected due to mainboard USB header problem (suspect mainboard USB header defect)


The FSE reported that TEM UI cannot be started without a service dongle attached to the MPC. Note: this system uses an internal USB customer dongle, placed directly on one of the USB headers of the MPC mainboard.

Actions done:

  • Ran licensereader and verified which “Sentinel LDK license ID” is reported → no LDK license shown. This indicates that there are no USB dongles detected (expected: the serial number of the internal USB customer dongle).
  • Removed the service dongle, then on the MPC, opened the Gemalto webpage (http://localhost:1947) and under “Sentinel Keys” verified if any Key IDs were detected → none detected. This confirms the customer dongle is not detected.
  • Opened the MPC cover and located the internal USB customer dongle. Verified the LED status on the dongle → LED is off (expected: LED is on).
  • Moved internal USB customer dongle to another USB header on the mainboard.
  • Confirmed with licensereader and Gemalto webpage that the dongle is detected.
  • Started TEM UI without service dongle → problem was solved.


Gemalto webpage: no USB dongle key IDs shown 


Mainboard (IMBA MPC) location of internal USB headers: