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Stage communication crash and holder type changing during tilt


Stage communication crash and holder type changing during tilt


Titan Krios G2


These are possible resolutions for the issue:

  • Replace cable from flexifoil-PCB to the holder


These are possible causes for the issue:

  • Cable from flexifoil-PCB to the holder was broken


  1. SerialEM crashes because it cannot communicate with the stage.
  2. Issue is specific to tomographic data collection with a lot of stage tilting (>5 degree) because single-particle acquisition without stage tilts is running completely fine.
  3. Holder type number is changed suddenly during the tilting.
  4. Looks like the " SpecimenHolderDetected" signal is triggering the updates. “HolderName = "No Specimen Holder") != S_OK”
  5. Different values on the "SetSpecimenHolderType”
    CSmc:: SetSpecimenHolderType( HolderType = 9 )
    CSmc::SetSpecimenHolderType( HolderType = 13 )
    CSmc::SetSpecimenHolderType( HolderType = 11 )
  6. Expected range is 1..9. For this microscope even limited to just "9",
  7. But values 11, 13 even15 also being returned.
  8. Expect this to be an issue with either the cabling or the sensors on the stage.

Cable from flexifoil-PCB to the holder was broken. Because it was touching the Amotor every time during the tilting. This multi-colored cable apparently was not fixed properly with wrap-tire during installation


Different value of specimen holder type


Communication crash due to disable status