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Thermo Fisher Scientific

11243-22 - Thermo Fisher Scientific H-6000A, HBB-6, and HLR-6 Rotor - Instruction Manual


This manual is a guide for the use of Thermo Scientific H-6000A, HBB-6 and HLR-6 rotors



The Thermo Scientific

  • H-6000A
  • HBB-6
  • HLR-6

are six-place swinging bucket rotors designed for use in the Thermo Scientific:

  • RC 3B Centrifuges
  • RC 3B+ Centrifuges
  • RC 3C Centrifuges
  • RC 3C+ Centrifuges
  • RC 3BP Centrifuges
  • RC 3BP+ Centrifuges