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11290087 - Rev A - IEC CL31 CL31R Multispeed - User Manual


The user manual is part of the centrifuge, and contains important information for your safety and for the best use of the equipment.



IEC CL31 Multispeed:

11210913 Centrifuge IEC CL31 230V 50/60 Hz
11210914 Centrifuge IEC CL31 120V 60 Hz
11210915 Centrifuge IEC CL31 100V 50/60 Hz


IEC CL31R Multispeed:

11210917 Centrifuge IEC CL31R 230V 50/60 Hz
11210918 Centrifuge IEC CL31R 120V 60 Hz
11210919 Centrifuge IEC CL31R 100V 50 Hz
11210920 Centrifuge IEC CL31R 100V 60 Hz



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