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Thermo Fisher Scientific

34830H78 - Thermo Scientific Forma Laboratory Freezers V and W Voltages - Installation and Operation Manual


This manual provides installation and operation instructions for laboratory freezers with preset temperature setpoints of -20ºC and -30ºC.



Thermo Scientific Forma® Laboratory Freezers V and W voltages

FFGL430  FFGL1230  FFGL2330  FFGL3030
FFGL5030  FFPF430  FFPF1230  FFPF2330
FFPF3030  FFPF5030  FFEN2320  FFGL2320
FFGL2320V  FFGL3030V  FFGL5030V  FFGL5030W
FFGL2320W  FFGL430V  FFGL430W  FFGL1230V
FFGL1230W  FFGL2330V  FFGL2330W  FFGL3030W