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Thermo Fisher Scientific

34830H71 - Thermo Scientific Revco Laboratory Freezers A and D Voltages - Installation and Operation Manual


This manual provides installation and operation instructions for laboratory freezers with preset temperature setpoints of -20ºC and -30ºC.



Thermo Scientific Revco® Laboratory Freezers A and D Voltages

ULT430  ULT1230  ULT2330  ULT3030
 ULT5030  UFP430  UFP1230 UFP2330
 UFP3030  UFP5030  UEN2320 UGL2320
 ULT430A  ULT1230A  ULT2330A ULT3030A
 ULT5030A  ULT430D  ULT1230D ULT2330D
 ULT3030D  ULT5030D  UFP430A UFP1230A
 UFP2330A  UFP3030A  UFP5030A UEN2320A
 UGL2320A  UFP430D  UFP1230D UFP2330D
 UFP3030D  UFP5030D  UEN2320D UGL2320D