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104749 - Rev A - Isotemp Plus Chromatography and General Purpose Laboratory Refrigerators with Alarm Version Controls - User Manual


User manual


Isotemp Plus Chromatography and General Purpose Laboratory Refrigerator with Alarm Version Controls, models:

Isotemp Plus Laboratory Refrigerators
120V Versions  230V Versions
13-986-120A 13-986-120RA 13-986-121A 13-986-121RA
13-986-122A 13-986-122RA 13-986-123A 13-986-123RA
13-986-124A 13-986-124RA 13-986-125A 13-986-125RA
13-986-126A 13-986-126RA 13-986-127A 13-986-127RA
13-986-128A 13-986-128RA 13-986-129A 13-986-129RA
13-986-128SA 13-986-128S RA 13-986-129SA 13-986-129SRA
13-986-130A 13-986-130RA 13-986-131A 13-986-131RA
13-986-132A 13-986-132RA 13-986-133A 13-986-133RA
Isotemp Plus Chromatography Refrigerators
120V Versions  230V Versions
13-986-134A 13-986-134RA 13-986-135A 13-986-135RA
13-986-136A 13-986-136RA 13-986-137A 13-986-137RA
13-986-136SA 13-986-136SRA 13-986-137SA 13-986-137SRA
13-986-138A 13-986-138RA 13-986-139A 13-986-139RA
13-986-140A 13-986-140RA 13-986-141A 13-986-141RA
Isotemp Plus Laboratory Refrigerators with Drawers
120V Versions  230V Versions
13-986-134DA 13-986-134DRA 13-986-135DA 13-986-135DRA
13-986-138DA 13-986-138DRA 13-986-139DA 13-986-139DRA
13-986-140DA 13-986-140DRA 13-986-141DA 13-986-141DRA

RA – Alarm controller and chart recorder