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34830H61 - Thermo Scientific Revco Laboratory Refrigerators A and D Voltages - Installation and Operation Manual


Installation and operation manual. Thermo Scientific (Revco) Laboratory Refrigerators described in this manual are sample storage devices, designed for storage of samples between 1 °C and 8 °C.


Thermo Scientific Revco Laboratory Refrigerators

6504A REC4504D REL1204V REL4504
7504D REC4504V REL2304 REL4504A
7504V REC5004 REL2304A REL4504D
REC2304 REC5004A REL2304D REL4504V
REC2304A REC5004D REL2304V REL5004
REC2304D REC5004V REL3004 REL5004A
REC2304V REC7504 REL3004A REL5004D
REC3004 REC7504A REL3004D REL5004V
REC3004A REC7504D REL3004V REL7504
REC3004D REC7504V REL404 RPR1204
REC3004V REL1204 REL404A RPR2304
REC4504 REL1204A REL404D RPR3004
REC4504A REL1204D REL404V RPR5004