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314098H02 - Rev C - Thermo Scientific Harris DLT SLT ELT Series ULT Upright Freezers - User Manual


Installation and Operation Manual


Thermo Scientific Harris® DLT, SLT, and ELT Ultra-Low Temperature Upright Freezers, model numbers:

DLT-17V-85 ELT-17V-85 SLT-17V-85
DLT-17V-85A ELT-17V-85A SLT-17V-85A
DLT-17V-85D ELT-17V-85D SLT-17V-85D
DLT-17V-85V ELT-17V-85V SLT-17V-85V
DLT-17V-85A44 ELT-17V-85A44 SLT-17V-85A44
DLT-17V-85D45 ELT-17V-85D45 SLT-17V-85D45
DLT-17V-85V45 ELT-17V-85V45 SLT-17V-85V45
DLT-21V-85 ELT-21V-85 SLT-21V-85
DLT-21V-85A ELT-21V-85A SLT-21V-85A
DLT-21V-85D ELT-21V-85D SLT-21V-85A45
DLT-21V-85V ELT-21V-85V SLT-21V-85D45
DLT-21V-85A45 ELT-21V-85A45 SLT-21V-85V45
DLT-21V-85D45 ELT-21V-85D45 SLT-21V-85D
DLT-21V-85V45 ELT-21V-85V45 SLT-21V-85V
DLT-25V-85 ELT-25V-85 SLT-25V-85
DLT-25V-85A ELT-25V-85A SLT-25V-85A
DLT-25V-85D ELT-25V-85D SLT-25V-85D
DLT-25V-85V ELT-25V-85V SLT-25V-85V
DLT-25V-85A44 ELT-25V-85A44 SLT-25V-85A44
DLT-25V-85D44 ELT-25V-85D44 SLT-25V-85D44
DLT-25V-85V44 ELT-25V-85V44 SLT-25V-85V44