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Thermo Fisher Scientific

STP Series ULT Freezers - How to Read HX Temp Instruction Sheet


How to read Heat exchange temperature



FDE30086FA HDE30086FA RDE30086FA TDE30086FA CAR30086FA VWR30086FA
FDE30086FD HDE30086FD RDE30086FD TDE30086FD CAR30086FD VWR30086FD
FDE30086FV HDE30086FV RDE30086FV TDE30086FV CAR30086LA VWR30086FV
FDE30086LA HDE30086LA RDE30086LA TDE30086LA CAR30086LD VWR30086LA
FDE30086LD HDE30086LD RDE30086LD TDE30086LD CAR40086FA VWR30086LD
FDE30086LV HDE30086LV RDE30086LV TDE30086LV CAR40086FD VWR30086LV
FDE40086FA HDE40086FA RDE40086FA TDE40086FA CAR40086LA VWR40086FA
FDE40086FD HDE40086FD RDE40086FD TDE40086FD CAR40086LD VWR40086FD
FDE40086FV HDE40086FV RDE40086FV TDE40086FV CAR60086FD VWR40086FV
FDE40086LA HDE40086LA RDE40086LA TDE40086LA CAR60086LD VWR40086LA
FDE40086LD HDE40086LD RDE40086LD TDE40086LD IUE30086FA VWR40086LD
FDE40086LV HDE40086LV RDE40086LV TDE40086LV IUE30086FD VWR40086LV
FDE50086FA HDE50086FA RDE50086FA TDE50086FA IUE30086FV VWR60086FD
FDE50086FD HDE50086FD RDE50086FD TDE50086FD IUE30086LA VWR60086FV
FDE50086FV HDE50086FV RDE50086FV TDE50086FV IUE30086LD VWR60086LD
FDE50086LA HDE50086LA RDE50086LA TDE50086LA IUE30086LV VWR60086LV
FDE50086LD HDE50086LD RDE50086LD TDE50086LD IUE40086FA  
FDE50086LV HDE50086LV RDE50086LV TDE50086LV IUE40086FD  
FDE60086FA HDE60086FA RDE60086FA TDE60086FA IUE40086FV  
FDE60086FD HDE60086FD RDE60086FD TDE60086FD IUE40086LA  
FDE60086FV HDE60086FV RDE60086FV TDE60086FV IUE40086LD  
FDE60086LA HDE60086LA RDE60086LA TDE60086LA IUE40086LV  
FDE60086LD HDE60086LD RDE60086LD TDE60086LD IUE60086FD  
FDE60086LV HDE60086LV RDE60086LV TDE60086LV IUE60086FV