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+4 -20 -30C IntrLogic Refrigerator/Freezer - Resetting Factory Default Programming and Service Settings Instruction Sheet


How to reset factory default programming and service settings



+4°, -20° and -30°C High Performance Refrigerator and Freezer.

UEN2320 RFMS2320  
UEN3020 PPL1230 JPL1230
UFP1230 PPL2330 JPL2330
UFP2330 PPL3030 JPL3030
UFP3030 LF2330 JPL430
UFP430 LF3030 JPL5030
UFP5030 LF430 IEN2023
UGL2320 LF5030 IEN2030
UGL3020 IUF3012 IGL2023
ULT1230 IUF3023 IGL2030
ULT2330 IUF3030 FFMS2320
ULT3030 IUF3050 FFPF1230
ULT430 JLF1230 FFPF2330
ULT5030 JLF2330 FFPF3030
UFP1230 JLF3030 FFPF430
UPF2330 JLF430 FFPF5030
UPF3030 JLF5030 FFGL430
UPF430 LF1230 FFGL2320
UPF5030 FFGL5030 FFGL2330
FFEN2320 FFEN3020 FFGL3020
TSFMS2320 FFGL1230 FFGL3030