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Thermo Fisher Scientific

High Performance Refrigerator Battery Replacement


Battery replacement procedure


Thermo HPLRF +4 Refrigerators and -20 and -30 Freezers, models:

BB124 FRBB2304 VCR3004 LR234 VCR2304
BB234 FRBB3004 VCR4504 LR304 PR234
BB304 FRBB404 VCR5004 LR412 PR504
BB46 FRBB5004 JBB2304 LR423 REB1204
BB504 FRCR2304 JBB3004 LR430 REB2304
CC234 FRCR3004 JBB3004 LR44 REB3004
CC304 FRCR4504 JBB404 LR445 REB404
CC454 FRCR5004 JBB5004 LR450 REB5004
CC504 FRCR7504 JLR2304 LR454 REC2304
CC754 FRGG404 JLR3004 LR46 REC3004
FC423 FRGG1204 JLR3004 LR475 REC4504
FC430 FRGG2304 JLR404 LR504 REC5004
FC445 FRGG3004 LR124 LR754 REC7504
FC450 FRGG5004 RX423 LRG46 REL1204
FC475 FRGG7504 RX430 LRG124 REL2304
FFMS2305 FRGL1204  RX450 LRG234 REL3004
FRBB1204 FRGL2304 TSFMS2305 LRG304 REL404
JPR2304 FRGL3004 RGL3004 LRG504 REL4504
JPR3004 FRGL404 RGL5004 LRG754 REL5004
JPR5004 FRGL4504 RGL7504 PBB404 REL7504
JRG404 FRGL5004 RPR1204 PBB1204 RFMS2305
JRG1204 FRGL7504 RPR2304 PBB2304 RGL404
JRG2304 FRPH1204 RPR3004 PBB3004 RGL1204
JRG3004 FRPH2304 RPR5004 PBB5004 RGL2304
JRG5004 FRPH3004 IUF3004 FRPH5004 JLR5004