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Jewett Dixell XR60 - Quick Reference for XR60 Settings


Quick reference for XR60 settings, version 2.7 and 4.2



Jewett Dixell XR60

BBR11-2A CT1-2A LR11-2A
BBR11-2B CT1-2B LR11-2B
BBR17-1B CT1-1B LR17-1B
BBR17-2A CT1-2A LR17-2A
BBR17-2B CT1-2B LR17-2B
BBR25-1B PR55-1B LR25
BBR25-2A PR55-2A LR25-2A
BBR25-2B PR55-2B LR25-2B
BBR25D-1B PR55D-1B LR25D-1B
BBR25D-2A PR55D-2A LR25D-2A
BBR25D-2B PR55D-2B LR25D-2B
BBR37-1B LRF37-2A LR37-1B
BBR37-2A LRF37-2B LR37-2A
BBR37-2B PR17-1B LR37-2B
BBR55-1B PR17-2A LR55-1B
BBR55-2A PR17-2B LR55-2A
BBR55-2B PR25-1B LR55-2B
BBR55D-1B PR25-2A LR55D-1B
BBR55D-2A PR25-2B LR55D-2A
BBR55D-2B PR25D-1B LR55D-2B
BBR6-1B PR25D-2A LR6-1B
BBR6-2A PR25D-2B LR6-2A
BBR6-2B PR37-1B LR6-2B
BBR11-1B PR37-2A LR6D-1B
LRF37-1B PR37-2B LR6D-2A
LR11-1B CT1-1B LR6D-2B
BPL306-1B CTF306-1B PRF17-1B
BPL306-2A CTF306-2A PRF17-2A
BPL306-2B CTF406-1B PRF17-2B
BPL311-1B CTF406-2A UCF206-1B
BPL311-2A LF217-1B UCF206-2A
BPL311-2B LF217-2A UCF206-2B
BPL317-2A LF217-2B UCF306-1B
BPL317-2B LF225-1B UCF306-2A
BPL325-2A LF225-2A UCF306-2B
BPL325-2B LF225-2B UCF406-1B
BPL337-2A LF237-2A UCF406-2A
BPL337-2B LF237-2B UCF406-2B
BPL355-2A LF255-2A LF417-2A
BPL355-2B LF255-2B LF417-2B
BPL406-1B LF317-2A LF425-2A
BPL406-2A LF317-2B LF425-2B
BPL406-2B LF325-2A LF437-2A
BPL411-1B LF325-2B LF437-2B
BPL411-2A LF337-2A LF455-2A
BPL411-2B LF337-2B LF455-2B
BPL417-2A LF355-2A BPL437-2B
BPL417-2B LF355-2B BPL455
BPL425-2A BPL425-2B BPL455-2B