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Thermo Fisher Scientific

325249I01 - Thermo Scientific PEEK - CO2 Back Up System Installation Instructions


PEEK ULT Freezer CO2 BUS field installation instructions for catalog number FCO4567


Revco UXF, Forma 88000, Herasafe HFU and Thermo TSU Series Freezers CO2 backup system.

These instructions are for all PEEK freezers of model size 400 to 700. The 300 size freezer accepts a freestanding BUS only.

UxF40086A HFU400TA 88400A TSU400A
UxF40086D HFU400TD 88400D TSU400D
UxF40086V HFU400TV 88400V TSU400V
UxF50086A HFU500TA 88500A TSU500A
UxF50086D HFU500TD 88500D TSU500D
UxF50086V HFU500TV 88500V TSU500V
UxF60086A HFU600TA 88600A TSU600A
UxF60086D HFU600TD 88600D TSU600D
UxF60086V HFU600TV 88600V TSU600V
UxF70086D HFU700TD 88700D TSU700D
UxF70086V HFU700TV 88700V TSU700V