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Thermo Fisher Scientific

All Brands ULT HC Series - Calibration of Control Display Temperature Probe Instruction Sheet


Calibration of Control/Display Temperature Probe. Directions on how to apply offset value.


8930086A HLE30086A RLE30086A TLE30086A TSX40086A
8930086D HLE30086D RLE30086D TLE30086D TSX40086D
8930086V HLE30086V RLE30086V TLE30086V TSX40086V
8940086A HLE40086A RLE40086A TLE40086A TSX40086G
8940086D HLE40086D RLE40086D TLE40086D TSX50086A
8940086V HLE40086V RLE40086V TLE40086V TSX50086D
8950086A HLE50086A RLE50086A TLE50086A TSX50086V
8950086D HLE50086D RLE50086D TLE50086D TSX50086G
8950086V HLE50086V RLE50086V TLE50086V TSX60086A
8960086A HLE60086A RLE60086A TLE60086A TSX60086D
8960086D HLE60086D RLE60086D TLE60086D TSX60086V
8960086V HLE60086V RLE60086V TLE60086V


TSX70086D TSX70086V TSX70086G TSX70086A