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Thermo Fisher Scientific

PEEK and TSX Gen 1 Series - Ultra Low Temperature Freezer - Set Power Delay Timer Instruction Sheet


How to set the power delayed restart time on PEEK and TSX Gen 1 freezers.



  • Revco UXF series
  • Forma 88000 series
  • Herafreeze T series
  • Thermo Scientific TSU series
UxF30086A HFU300TA 88300A TSU300A
UxF30086D HFU300TD 88300D TSU300D
UxF30086G HFU300TG 88300G TSU300G
UxF30086V HFU300TV 88300V TSU300V
UxF40086A HFU400TA 88400A TSU400A
UxF40086D HFU400TD 88400D TSU400D
UxF40086J HFU400TJ 88400J TSU400J
UxF40086K HFU400TK 88400K TSU400K
UxF40086V HFU400TV 88400V TSU400V
UxF50086A HFU500TA 88500A TSU500A
UxF50086D HFU500TD 88500D TSU500D
UxF50086J HFU500TJ 88500J TSU500J
UxF50086K HFU500TK 88500K TSU500K
UxF50086V HFU500TV 88500V TSU500V
UxF60086A HFU600TA 88600A TSU600A
UxF60086D HFU600TD 88600D TSU600D
UxF60086J HFU600TJ 88600J TSU600J
UxF60086K HFU600TK 88600K TSU600K
UxF60086V HFU600TV 88600V TSU600V
UxF70086D HFU700TD 88700D TSU700D
UxF70086J HFU700TJ 88700J TSU700J
UxF70086K HFU700TK 88700K TSU700K
UxF70086V HFU700TV 88700V TSU700V