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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Plus Series ULT - Retro Cryo Latch Upgrade Instruction Sheet


Instruction sheet on ULT cam latch retrofit installation


ULT models:

ULT1786-4A ULT2186-6A ULT2586-6A ULT3280-10HD-A
ULT1786-6A ULT2186-10A ULT2586-10A ULT3280-10HD-D
ULT1786-10A ULT2186-4D ULT2586-4D ULT3286HD
ULT1786-4D ULT2186-6D ULT2586-6D  
ULT1786-6D ULT2186-10D ULT2586-10D  
ULT1786-10D ULT2586-4A ULT2586-10HD-A  
ULT2186-4A   ULT2586-10HD-D  

This includes all brand variants such as Harris and Heraeus.