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Thermo Fisher Scientific

LT1284X1 - Thermolyne Furnace Benchtop Muffle, Type 47900 and 48000 - Installation and Operation Manual


Installation and operation manual in English and Italian

Note:   Rev K uses 3216C controller with 8 segments and 3216P Programmable Controller 5 X 16 segment


Thermo Scientific Thermolyne Furnace Benchtop Muffle, type 47900 and 48000 models:

Single Setpoint Models: Single Setpoint Models with OTP: 8 Segment Programmable Models with OTP: 4 X 16 Segment Programmable Models with OTP
F47910 F47920 F47920-80 F47950
F47910-26 F47920-26 F47920-26-80 F47950-26
F47910-33 F47920-33 F47920-33-80 F47950-33
F47910-33CN F47920-33CN F47920-33-80CN F47950-33CN
F47910-33CH F47910-33CH F49720-33-80CH F47950-33CH
F47910-33UK F47910-33UK F49720-33-80UK F47950-33UK
F47914 F47924 F47924-80 F47954
F47915 F47925 F47925-80 F47955
F48010 F48020-DB F48020-80 F48050
F48010-26 F48020-26 F48020-26-80 F48050-26
F48010-33 F48020-33 F48020-33-80 F48050-33
F48010-33CH F48020- 33CN F48020-33-80CN F48050-33CN
F48010-33UK F48020-33CH F48020-33-80CH F48050-33CH
F48010-33CN F48020-33UK F48020-33-80UK F48050-33UK
F48014 F48025 F48025-60-80 F48055-60
F48015-60 F48025-60 F48028-80 F48058
F48018 F48028