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CIC0000813 - Rev 17 - Cole-Parmer StableTemp Stirrers, Hotplates, and Stirring Hotplates - Operating Manual and Parts List


Operating manual and parts list



Cole-Parmer StableTemp Stirrers, Hotplates, and Stirring Hotplates, models:

Model Voltage Description
03405-01 100-120V 4x4 Ceramic Hot Plate
03405-06 220-240V 4x4 Ceramic Hot Plate
03406-01 100-120V 4x4 Ceramic Stirrer
03406-06 220-240V 4x4 Ceramic Stirrer
03407-01 100-120V 4x4 Ceramic Stirring Hotplate
03407-06 220-240V 4x4 Ceramic Stirring Hotplate
03405-11 100-120V 7x7 Ceramic Hot Plate
03405-16 220-240V 7x7 Ceramic Hot Plate
03406-11 100-120V 7x7 Ceramic Stirrer
03406-16 220-240V 7x7 Ceramic Stirrer
03407-11 100-120V 7x7 Ceramic Stirring Hotplate
03407-16 220-240V 7x7 Ceramic Stirring Hotplate
03405-21 100-120V 7x7 Aluminum Hot Plate
03405-26 220-240V 7x7 Aluminum Hot Plate
03406-21 100-120V 7x7 Aluminum Stirrer
03406-26 220-240V 7x7 Aluminum Stirrer
03407-21 100-120V 7x7 Aluminum Stirring Hotplate
03407-26 220-240V 7x7 Aluminum Stirring Hotplate
03405-31 100-120V 10x10 Ceramic Hot Plate
03405-36 220-240V 10x10 Ceramic Hot Plate
03406-31 100-120V 10x10 Ceramic Stirrer
03406-36 220-240V 10x10 Ceramic Stirrer
03407-31 100-120V 10x10 Ceramic Stirring Hotplate
03407-36 220-240V 10x10 Ceramic Stirring Hotplate