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LT1892X1 - Isotemp Hotplates, Stirrers and Stirring Hotplates - Operation Manual and Parts List


Operation manual and parts list



Isotemp Hotplates, Stirrers and Stirring Hotplates, models:

Catalog # Type Top Plate Size and Material Voltage
11100100H Hotplate 10x10 Ceramic 120
11100100S Stirrer 10x10 Ceramic 120
11100100SH Stirring Hotplate 10x10 Ceramic 120
1110016H Hotplate 4x4 Ceramic 120
1110016S Stirrer 4x4 Ceramic 120
1110016SH Stirring Hotplate 4x4 Ceramic 120
1110049H Hotplate 7x7 Ceramic 120
1110049S Stirrer 7x7 Ceramic 120
1110049SH Stirring Hotplate 7x7 Ceramic 120
1120049H Hotplate 7x7 Aluminum 120
1120049S Stirrer 7x7 Aluminum 120
1120049SH Stirring Hotplate 7x7 Aluminum 120
1110116H Hotplate 4x4 Ceramic 100
1110149H Hotplate 7x7 Ceramic 100
1110149S Stirrer 7x7 Ceramic 100
1110149SH Stirring Hotplate 7x7 Ceramic 100
1120149S Stirrer 7x7 Aluminum 100
1120149SH Stirring Hotplate 7x7 Aluminum 100
11101100H Hotplate 10x10 Ceramic 100
11101100S Stirrer 10x10 Ceramic 100
11101100SH Stirring Hotplate 10x10 Ceramic 100
1110216H Hotplate 4x4 Ceramic 230
1110216S Stirrer 4x4 Ceramic 230
1110216SH Stirring Hotplate 4x4 Ceramic 230
1110249H Hotplate 7x7 Ceramic 230
1110249S Stirrer 7x7 Ceramic 230
1110249SH Stirring Hotplate 7x7 Ceramic 230
1120249H Hotplate 7x7 Aluminum 230
1120249S Stirrer 7x7 Aluminum 230
1120249SH Stirring Hotplate 7x7 Aluminum 230
11102100H Hotplate 10x10 Ceramic 230
11102100S Stirrer 10x10 Ceramic 230
11102100SH Stirring Hotplate 10x10 Ceramic 230