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CIC0000810 - Super-Nuova Plus Hot Plates, Stirrers and Stirring Hotplates - Operation Manual and Parts List


Operation manual and parts list



Super-Nuova Plus Hot Plates, Stirrers and Stirring Hotplates, models:

Model Voltage Description
HP88857190 100-120V 7x7 Ceramic Hot Plate
HP88857195 220-240V 7x7 Ceramic Hot Plate
S88857190 100-120V 7x7 Ceramic Stirrer
S88857195 220-240V 7x7 Ceramic Stirrer
SP88857190 100-120V 7x7 Ceramic Stirring Hotplate
SP88857195 220-240V 7x7 Ceramic Stirring Hotplate
HP88857194 100-120V 7x7 Aluminum Hot Plate
HP88857198 220-240V 7x7 Aluminum Hot Plate
SP88857194 100-120V 7x7 Aluminum Stirring Hotplate
SP88857198 220-240V 7x7 Aluminum Stirring Hotplate
HP88850190 100-120V 10x10 Ceramic Hot Plate
HP88850195 220-240V 10x10 Ceramic Hot Plate
S88850190 100-120V 10x10 Ceramic Stirrer
S88850195 220-240V 10x10 Ceramic Stirrer
SP88850190 100-120V 10x10 Ceramic Stirring Hotplate
SP88850195 220-240V 10x10 Ceramic Stirring Hotplate