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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Device Link Connect Mote - Factory Reset


Factory Resetting Device


Device Link Connect


1. With the mote powered ON and within five (5)
minutes of booting the device, press and release
the Action button.

2. Wait 1 sec, then press and release the Action
button again.

3. Wait 1 sec, then press and hold (do not release)
the Action button on this third press.

4. Wait ~25 sec, with the Action button still
pressed, then turn the mote OFF via switch.

5. If successful, the lights will turn red and flash as
the device returns to factory defaults, then the
mote will power off (you can release the Action
button once the light sequence begins).

6. If unsuccessful, the mote will just turn off. If this
happens, release the action button, turn the
mote back on, wait until it is fully booted, and
repeat the process.