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Thermo Fisher Scientific


Getting Started Information 

Licensing Overview 

Glossary of Terms 

Required Information 

Licensing Site Links 

Additional Resources 

Helpful Tips on using the Licensing Site 


Performing Searches 

Search for an existing license 

Search for a User or Account 



Rehost a License 

Resend a License 

How to create a Stop Gap License (renew) 

Activating a License File 

Changing the License owner information 

Changing the customer's email 

Merging Customer Accounts 

How to unlock an account and reset passwords 

Generating a new License (Entitlement for customer) 

Generating a training License (internal customers only) 

Generating a trial License 

FSE access to license portal 

Getting an MTSS (Service Tools) License 

Adding a new user to an existing account 

Creating a new account 


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