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Thermo Fisher Scientific

ESA Electrochemical Cell Guide


This guide provides a brief description of each electrochemical cell produced by ESA. A list of the appropriate cell for many of the applications is provided.


  • Model 5020 Guard Cell PN 55-0417
  • Model 5021 Conditioning Cell PN 55-0450
  • Model 5010A Standard Analytical Cell PN 70-5560
  • Model 5011A High Sensitivity Analytical Cell PN 70-5561
  • Model 5014B Microdialysis High Performance Analytical Cell PN 70-0520B
  • Model 5040 Amperometric Cell PN 55-0185
  • Model 5041 Amperometric Cell PN 70-4131
  • Model 6210 CoulArray Cell 55-0685E
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