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1M/Super Orbitrap Licensing Process


The 1M/Super Orbitrap (SOT) License must be installed to activate the SOT software.


  • Orbitrap 
  • Fusion Lumos



  1. Tune Application window.
  2. Click on the settings icon to Set options or view Help.
  3. Highlight About Tune.


Figure 1: Select About Tune

  1.  Click on the arrow icon Copy to Clipboard.


Figure 2: Select blue arrow icon

  1. Via email, send following information to the email address
  • Company Name
  • Fusion Lumos Serial number
  • Instrument ID (just described above)
  • Original Thermo Fisher Scientific Sales Order number
  1. Upon receiving the SOT License, copy/paste on the Windows desktop or to a directory location on the data system hard drive.


Figure 3: Licenses

  1. Click on Add License button to display the Add a New Software License window.
  2. Click on the 3 ... icon and navigate to the location of the SOT text file location.
  3. Select the text file txt file, and click Open.
  4. The Add a New License window will pop up and state "Valid Licesne file" in green. 
  5. The system reboot required dialogue box will restart the data system to fully activate the SOT license. 
  6. Click Ok to acknowledge. 

NOTE: The license will be valid for ~10 years. 


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