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Available Outlets


Line voltages can vary between a minimum of 207 V AC and a maximum of 253 V AC.


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Notice for Customers in North America
  • Systems installed in areas with 208 V power experience voltage sags during high use periods that might place the line voltage below the operating parameters discussed in this section.
  • In this case, you must protect your instrument by using a buck/boost transformer to ensure that power is within the specified parameters at all times.
  • User needs to supply a dedicated single phase 30 amp 208 V AC power line with a good earth ground that terminates in a NEMA L6-30R receptacle located within 6 feet of the desired instrument location.
  • The mass spectrometer must be properly grounded. For this reason, the power cable of the MS must be connected to a wall outlet with grounding pin.
  • Make sure that the grounding pin of this power cable is connected to earth ground, even when a buck/boost transformer or other upstream equipment (for example, UPS) is used.
  • The interconnected power outlets for the system are to have a common point to one ground connector.
  • If there are two such points, each of which is connected to separate external ground, they will cause noise current to flow through the ground system via the ground loop that is formed.
  • Voltage between ground and neutral line should be less that 1 Volt.
Additional Information

Power is to remain on. The system should remain on and pumping continuously for optimum performance. Nevertheless, the system must be disconnected from mains in case of emergency or for other reasons (for example, maintenance).


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