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Failure of UHV Chamber Heating Control


Failure of UHV Chamber heating control


Q Exactive GC


Troubleshooting Tips

  • The messages window displays real-time information about the statuses of the instrument, the control service, or other programs.
  • If the heating was terminated, the window displays a corresponding error message.
  • In case of a failure of the UHV chamber heating control, shut down the mass spectrometer.
  • To prevent permanent damage to components of the Q Exactive GC mass spectrometer, Thermo Fisher Scientific recommends calling a Thermo Fisher Scientific field service engineer.


  • During general operation of the mass spectrometer, the temperature of the UHV chamber is not regulated.
  • Only during a system bakeout, electric power is supplied to the heating elements of the UHV chamber.
  • The heating always operates at maximum power. 
  • Failure of the heating control does not lead to a dangerous overheating of the mass spectrometer.


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