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Main Power Failure


Unit has experienced main power failure.


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Power Failure Tips:

  • A main power failure has the same consequence as switching off with the main power circuit breaker switch.
  • If the power is available again, the system is started up automatically: the pumps are switched on and the vacuum is created.
  • If the system has been vented during the mains failure, it is necessary to bake out the system to obtain the operating vacuum.
  • If the log file of the data system shows a reboot of the system and the pressure reading in the Tune software shows a bad vacuum, this indicates that the system was vented.
  • In case of frequent but short power failures we recommend installing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
  • If main power failures occur frequently while the system is not attended (for example, in the night), we recommend installing a power fail detector.


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